Friends and Colleagues

Perhaps those who know him best are his friends and colleagues from work, the neighborhood, and Ray and Maria's travels. Any reminiscences, from homebrew, to Peru, to overdue ERS reports, will be appreciated and treasured. And as always, please help build our web album by emailing us pictures.


Tom Vollrath said...

I always felt privileged to have had the opportunity to work in the same unit with Ray at ERS and to get to know this wonderful person. Ray was always so very pleasant to be around irrespective of the circumstances, whether they involved discussion of weighty economic issues or exchanges of personal experiences. He was always very generous with this time and was always willing to share his knowledge and insight. Those of us at ERS who worked with and got to know Ray have many fond memories of this soft-spoken, gentle human being. Yes, he indeed did have a twinkle in his eyes. And his smile was contagious. I am so thankful for the sunshine he brought to the office. Ray will be missed, but he will always be remembered and very fondly so.

terenia said...

I know that my Dad, Francis Urban, loved his work at the ERS, mostly because of the wonderful people with whom he worked, especially Ray. He always said that he was lucky to work with people who were so bright, so well-educated, and so well travelled, but who were at the same time charming, humble, and generous. I will never forget the comfort that he and Maria provided to my sister and to me when my Dad passed away earlier in the year. He and Dad were kindred spirits and I like to think that, somewhere, they are sitting together, sharing a drink and a story, and watching their grandchildren with pleasure and at peace.